ESL Podcast 1055 – Riding Scooters and Motorcycles 日本語訳

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ESL Podcast 1055 – Riding Scooters and Motorcycles

ESL Podcast 1055-スクーターやモーターバイクに乗る

Bernadette: When you offered to give me a ride to work, I didn’t know you rode a motorcycle. I’m not sure about this.



Pawel: Come on, put on this helmet and get on. You’ll get to work much faster. We can zip around cars and go between lanes.

Pawel: さあ、いくよ、このヘルメットをつけて、モーターバイクに乗って。君ははるかに早く職場に着くよ。僕らはすばやく車の周りを移動できて車線間を行けるよ。


Bernadette: That’s what I’m afraid of.



Pawel: I’m an experienced driver. I rode a moped when I was a teenager, had a scooter in college, and got my first bike when I was 22. I ride with my motorcycle club every weekend, so you don’t have to worry about safety.



Bernadette: I’m sure you’re a good driver, but one wrong move and I’m road kill.



Pawel: Get on and I promise to behave. I won’t pop any wheelies, spin out, or do any other tricks.

Pawel: 乗って、そして僕は安全に運転することを約束するよ。僕は、ウィリーも、スピンアウトもほかのどんな技もしないよ。


Bernadette: If that was intended to put my mind at ease, it didn’t work.

Bernadette: それで私を安心させようとしても、だめよ。


Pawel: All right, last call. You want a ride to work or not?



Bernadette: Okay, I’m putting my life in your hands. If I die, it’ll be on your conscience.



Pawel: No worries. If we wipe out, it’ll take us both out, so I won’t be conscious to worry about my conscience. Hold on!





ESL Podcast 1055 – Riding Scooters and Motorcycles