ESL Podcast 1006 - Taking a Campus Tour 日本語訳

今日はESL Podcastのバックナンバーです。
ESL Podcast 1006 - Taking a Campus Tour
ESL Podcast 1006 –キャンパスツアーへ参加すること
Ji Won: Come on, Dad, the campus tour starts over there. The guide is ready to begin the walking tour.
Ji Won:パパ、早く!キャンパスツアーは向こうで始まるのよ!ガイドさんがウォーキングツアーを始める準備をしているわ!
Guide: Welcome, prospective students and your parents. My name is Jaime and I’ll be conducting your tour today. This tour will last about an hour, and we’ll be making frequent stops so I can point out some of the most important buildings and areas on this campus.
Ji Won: Dad, are you listening?
Ji Won:パパ、聞いてるの?
Guide: First, let’s stop on the quad. On your left, you’ll see the administration building. On your right are the student union and bookstore. Let’s continue.
Ji Won: Dad, stop checking your email. You promised that you’d make these campus visits with me and help me make a decision about which university to attend.
Ji Won:パパ、メールをチェックするのをやめてよ。いくらかのキャンパスを私と一緒に訪れて私がどの大学に入学するか決めるのを助けてくれるって約束したじゃない!
Guide: We’re passing the sports stadium on your left and the arts complex on your right. Those buildings there are the dorms. The research library is just ahead.
Ji Won: Dad, where did you go?
Ji Won:パパどこへ行ってたの?
Guide: Let’s stop here a moment so I can point out the science buildings and research labs. Is something the matter?
Ji Won: I think I’ve lost my Dad. I think we’ll have to take the self-guided tour!
Ji Won:私はパパを見失ったみたい。私たちはセルフガイドツアーに参加すべきだったのよ。